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DeepshjirRepack Pre-release

What is Deepshjir?

Deepshjir Repack is my "playground core" to develop new bossscripts and fixes for ArkCore and SkyfireEMU. Deepshjir Repack Core is my Core that i will use for my upcoming Repack.

You can see Deepshjir as a fork of ArkCore with some amzing additions.

What does Deepshjir make unique?


  • Currenty Deepshjir has an amazing Anticheat System built in.


Blackwing Descent [In Development]

  • Magmaw is near complete, only the rodeo phase is missing (missing vehicle id of Magmaws Head).

  • Omnotron Defense System is near complete.

  • Chimaeron is full working.

  • Maloriak is 70% Scripted, basement movement, spell, bottle throwing in the cauldron and color switching is working.

  • Atramedes is spawned but not started yet.

  • Nefarian and Onyxia are spawned but not started yet.

  • The Whole instance has been redone (Doors were added, Gameobjects repaired, )

Throne of the four Winds [In Development]

  • Conclave of Wind: Anshal and Nezir are finished, only Rohash is missing.

  • Al'akir is spawned but not started yet.

Throne of the Tides [Finished]

  • Instance Lady Naz'jar pre event with cinematic outro is working!

  • Lady Naz'jar with Throne of the Tides Defense System and phasing.

  • Commander Ulthok is full working exespt the grip visual animation.

  • Mindebender Ghursha is only light scripted.

  • The Boss Ozumat is full working (Neptulon Event included).

Why you should not copy-paste my Scripts

It happens in the past that some people only copy-pasted my scripts without mention me in their release. But i exspect to give me credits. If you use my scripts to release another repack/or use it for an illigal private server i will shut down this public repo and i will develop for the next >months< private.


Credits go to

  • me (Naios)

  • The Arkania Community

  • The SkyfireEMU Community

  • The TrinityEMU Community

  • Asardial (true-blood) (i used his BD scripts as basement)

How to Contribute

If you want to develop for this repack or become a contributor contact me on github or make pullrequests to the mainrepo.