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// Copyright (c) 2012-2013 The PPCoin developers
// Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, see the accompanying
// file COPYING or
#include "main.h"
// To decrease granularity of timestamp
// Supposed to be 2^n-1
static const int STAKE_TIMESTAMP_MASK = 15;
// MODIFIER_INTERVAL: time to elapse before new modifier is computed
extern unsigned int nModifierInterval;
// ratio of group interval length between the last group and the first group
static const int MODIFIER_INTERVAL_RATIO = 3;
// Compute the hash modifier for proof-of-stake
bool ComputeNextStakeModifier(const CBlockIndex* pindexPrev, uint64_t& nStakeModifier, bool& fGeneratedStakeModifier);
uint256 ComputeStakeModifierV2(const CBlockIndex* pindexPrev, const uint256& kernel);
// Check whether stake kernel meets hash target
// Sets hashProofOfStake on success return
bool CheckStakeKernelHash(CBlockIndex* pindexPrev, unsigned int nBits, const CBlock& blockFrom, unsigned int nTxPrevOffset, const CTransaction& txPrev, const COutPoint& prevout, unsigned int nTimeTx, uint256& hashProofOfStake, uint256& targetProofOfStake, bool fPrintProofOfStake=false);
// Check kernel hash target and coinstake signature
// Sets hashProofOfStake on success return
bool CheckProofOfStake(CBlockIndex* pindexPrev, const CTransaction& tx, unsigned int nBits, uint256& hashProofOfStake, uint256& targetProofOfStake);
// Check whether the coinstake timestamp meets protocol
bool CheckCoinStakeTimestamp(int nHeight, int64_t nTimeBlock, int64_t nTimeTx);
// Get time weight using supplied timestamps
int64_t GetWeight(int64_t nIntervalBeginning, int64_t nIntervalEnd);
// Wrapper around CheckStakeKernelHash()
// Also checks existence of kernel input and min age
// Convenient for searching a kernel
bool CheckKernel(CBlockIndex* pindexPrev, unsigned int nBits, int64_t nTime, const COutPoint& prevout, int64_t* pBlockTime = NULL);
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