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Extraction Tool for Resource Analysis (ExTRA)
Author: Rich Joiner
Email: joiner@cs.wisc.edu
Organization: University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Sciences

The purpose of this project is to download resources (scripts, images,
stylesheets, etc.) from remote webpages so that these artifacts can
be analyzed individually, reincorporated, and run locally.

The unpack.py script takes as input a URL that points to an HTML page,
and collects resources that would be loaded by that page at runtime.
Inline (and remote) scripts are separated into individual files, and
all resources are collected in a directory tree. Analysis and rewriting
can be done on these local resources. The repack.py script can then be
used to reincorporate inline resources into the HTML to produce a
(usually) functional page.

You may ask how this is an improvement over a browser's "save page
as..." feature. Several benefits come to mind.

* ExTRA does not require you to navigate a browser to the page you want
  to analyze. This may be important if you suspect that the page is
  malicious or contaminated by malicious resources.
* ExTRA attempts to maintain the (relative) directory structure of the
  resources as hosted on the original server. (Browsers tend to dump all
  linked-to resources in a single subdirectory.) At times, JavaScript
  logic expects files to be found at particular relative paths (for
  example, when using RequireJS). Therefore, the relative structure
  helps maintain the original semantics and better recreates the
  original artifact.
* ExTRA downloads resources that are incorporated via absolute URLS,
  including links to 3rd-party sites. Whereas browsers tend to let
  absolute URLs remain as hot links within the downloaded HTML,
  ExTRA attempts to collect all resources onto the local file system.

Web pages extracted by ExTRA are not guaranteed to function exactly as
they would on the original site. (This is impossible in general; for
example, JavaScript may incorporate different logic based on the current
domain name.) ExTRA may also fail to download files that are loaded
dynamically through JavaScript or other means. However, we have found
that it works well in practice.

The ExTRA tool is written in Python (with support for Python version 2
and 3). It was developed and tested on Ubuntu 12.04 (and higher), but it
should run on most platforms.

Extraction of resources linked to within CSS files requires Python 3 and
the cssutils package. On Ubuntu, it can be installed with the following
command (perhaps with sudo).

apt-get install python3-cssutils

Thank for your interest. Feel free to make suggestions for improving