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Dominion Simulator
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(Open) Dominion Simulator to be updated for beta round 15 with preliminary changes

Happy simming!

Game Change Log

Round 15 (preliminary)
  • Prestige gain: change divisor from 12 to 10.
  • Prestige loss: reintroduce prestige loss for hits under 60% (old wiki). Ensure prestige loss for hits 60%—75% if they are subsequent hits that qualify for prestige loss.
  • Spy losses: cut in half for info ops, and implement spy loss equivalents for Halfling/Lizardfolk.
  • Land generation: switch to 85:65.
  • Defensive casualties: new base 3.375/0.75*0.85 = 3.825%.
  • Defensive casualties reduction: reduced by land ratio. 75% hit would generate 3.825% * 75% = 2.86875% casualties. Nerfs SPUD.
  • WE: Mystic +50p to 1,125p; LBM +25p to 350p, 10r; and Druid -50p to 1,050p.
  • SPUD: change pop bonus back to +12.50% and revert elite conversion range.
  • Gnome: Juggernaut to a fixed 7 OP.
  • Explore formula: changed as per Yami's proposal 2 in this sheet:
  • Orc: no change.
  • Shrines: change to 5x.
  • Global TC: to be implemented.
Round 14
  • Dwarven Cleric -40p
  • Gnome gets Racial spell from Dwarf. Miner's Sight (+20% Ore production, replaces Mining Strength.)
  • Gnome Juggernaut op to 7.5 (max vs 90% target)
  • Nox Nightshade based on swamp instead of built swamp. +100p
  • Nox Lich -100p
  • Icekin removed 5% platinum bonus, Archmage cost reduced to 825p
  • Spirit/Undead +2.5% pop bonus to 15%. Conversion changed to be similar to Dominion Classic.
  • Lycanthrope Werewolf -25p, 4/4
  • Explore cost increase of 10% removed for both platinum and draftees. 300 acres now have 5 draftees explore cost again.
Simulator Changes
  • Added names to a lot of formulas involving constants for readability purposes.

Simulator Bug fixes

Round 15
  • Redesigned Military page so it uses correct base elite1 and elite2 unit dp and op for e.g. forest based units
  • Fixed issue with lumber cost with factories taking DB
Round 14
  • fixed a population bug with WG
  • added useless race spell to accommodate mana expenses for other races
  • fixed the starting time
  • fixed clear sim button
  • fixed renaming The Nox to Nox on overview page
  • fixed a bug with Nox dp on overview page
  • fixed a bug with construction cost involving factories and taking land bonus
  • fixed bug with log files where destroying buildings used wrong columns
  • fixed an issue with servertime being wrong in logs
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