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from functools import wraps
from django.conf import settings
from django.core.cache import cache
def cache_this(key):
""" Use this decorator to cache context functions that may use database
lookups or anything that may cause unnecessary load. It accepts "key" as
an argument, and an optional keyword argument "timeout" which is in
>>> @cache_this("example_caching_key", timeout=500)
>>> def example(request):
>>> return { 'foo': "bar" }
def decorator(func):
def inner(*args, **kwargs):
KEY_PREFIX = "context"
cache_key = "%s:%s" % (KEY_PREFIX, key)
data = cache.get(cache_key)
if not data:
data = func(*args, **kwargs)
cache.set(cache_key, data, kwargs.get('timeout', 30 * 60))
return data
return inner
return decorator
def default_context(request):
""" This provides some default extra context for the templates. """
return {