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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Downloads and saves to disk an online book from O'Reilly OFPS.
All chapters are concatenated into a single HTML file. The file isn't guaranteed to be
valid HTML.
For book example see .
@author: eis
Created on 09/12/11
import os
import urllib2
import re
from lxml import etree
import urlparse
RE_REMOVE_ENCODING = re.compile(r'<\?xml(.+?)encoding=(.+?)\?>')
XPATH_CHAPTER_HTML = r"//div[@id='main_content']//div[@class='chapter']"
XPATH_FIRST_PAGE_HTML = r"//div[@id='main_content']//div[@class='book']"
XPATH_TOC = r"//div[@id='main_content']//div[@class='toc']/dl/dt/span/a"
XPATH_BOOK_TITLE = r"//div[@id='main_content']//div[@class='book']//h1[@class='title']"
def fetch_html(url):
"""Downloads HTML at `url` and removes the <?xml ... ?> tag.
lxml can't parse HTMLs with <?xml encoding=... ?>, so we have to remove it.
print('...%s' % url)
connection = urllib2.urlopen(url)
encoding = connection.headers.getparam('charset')
return RE_REMOVE_ENCODING.sub('',, count=1)
def elements_at_xpath(html, xpath):
"""Parses `html` and returns elements that match `xpath`.
parser = etree.HTMLParser(recover=True)
doc = etree.fromstring(html, parser)
return doc.xpath(xpath)
def html_at_xpath(html, xpath):
"""Parses `html` and returns HTML representation of elements that match `xpath`.
return ''.join([etree.tostring(e) for e in elements_at_xpath(html, xpath)])
def get_chapter_html(html):
"""Extracts effective chapter content from `html`.
return html_at_xpath(html, XPATH_CHAPTER_HTML)
def get_toc_urls(html):
"""Parses title page in `html` and returns list of URLs from table of contents
on that page.
return [a.attrib['href'] for a in elements_at_xpath(html, XPATH_TOC)]
def steal_a_chapter(chapter_url):
"""Downloads chapter at `chapter_url` and returns effective content.
return get_chapter_html(fetch_html(chapter_url))
def steal_a_book(root_url, index_page='index.html', save_path=None, save_to='.'):
"""Downloads an online book and saves it to HTML file.
Saves the resulting HTML at `save_path` if defined; otherwise saves the result to
<book title>.html in `save_to` folder (current folder is default).
if not root_url.endswith('/'): root_url += '/'
print("Downloading a book at %s" % root_url)
index_html = fetch_html(urlparse.urljoin(root_url, index_page))
book_title = elements_at_xpath(index_html, XPATH_BOOK_TITLE)[0].text
first_page = html_at_xpath(index_html, XPATH_FIRST_PAGE_HTML)
print('Title: "%s"' % book_title)
print('Extracting chapters...')
chapters = [
steal_a_chapter(urlparse.urljoin(root_url, chapter_url))
for chapter_url in get_toc_urls(index_html)
book = ''.join([first_page] + chapters)
save_path = save_path or os.path.join(save_to, re.sub(r'[^a-zA-Z0-9_\-.() ]+', '', book_title) + '.html')
with open(save_path, 'w') as outfile:
print('All done!')
if __name__ == '__main__':
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__.splitlines()[0])
parser.add_argument('book_url', type=str, default=None,
help='''Target book URL. Has to be one of those O'Reilly OFPS books. See for an example.''')
parser.add_argument('output_file', nargs='?', type=str, default=None,
help='''Output path. If not specified the book is saved to <book_title>.html in current directory.''')
args = parser.parse_args()
steal_a_book(args.book_url, save_path=args.output_file)