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blacktea committed May 22, 2011
1 parent 035d246 commit c3325931976472973924099a6863353146b120d1
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@@ -11,31 +11,31 @@ lt:
create: "Kurti"
create_model: "Sukurti {{model}}"
create_another: "Pridėti dar vieną"
- created_model: "Created {{model}}"
+ created_model: "{{model}} sukurtas"
create_new: "Kurti naują"
- customize: "Customize"
+ customize: "Derinimas"
delete: "Ištrinti"
- deleted_model: "Deleted {{model}}"
+ deleted_model: "{{model}} ištrintas"
delimiter: "Delimiter"
download: "Atsisiųsti"
edit: "Redaguoti"
export: "Eksportuoti"
filtered: "(Filtruota pagal paiešką)"
found: "įrašai"
hide: "Paslėpti"
- live_search: "Live Search"
+ live_search: "Greitoji paieška"
loading…: "Įkraunama…"
nested_for_model: "{{nested_model}} for {{parent_model}}"
next: "Kitas"
no_entries: "Įrašų nėra"
omit_header: "Omit Header"
- options: "Options"
+ options: "Pasirinktys"
pdf: "PDF"
previous: "Ankstesnis"
print: "Print"
refresh: "Atšviežinti"
remove: "Pašalinti"
- remove_file: "Remove or Replace file"
+ remove_file: "Pašalinti arba pakeisti failą"
replace_with_new: "Pakeisti nauju"
revisions_for_model: "Revisions for {{model}}"
reset: "Atitaisyti"
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ lt:
update_model: "Redaguojamas {{model}}"
updated_model: "{{model}} atnaujintas"
click_to_reset: "Išjungti filtravimą"
- # Nesuveikia kazko
+ # Nesuveikia kazkodel
#true: "Taip"
#false: "Ne"
contains: "Turi"

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