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//This is a extended Sketch for the Cactus Rev 2 to read the value from a soil moisture sensorw ith a anti oxidation functionality and
//also to controll a water pump for watering a plant for example.
//You can find the tutorial on
//@author Patrick Hausmann <>
int soilMoisturePin1 = 4;
int soilMoisturePin2 = 3;
int soilMoisturePin3 = A3;
int baudrate = 9600;
//Transistor 'Base' pin or input pin of motor driver ic to Arduino PWM Digital Pin 3
const int motorPin = 9;
int Speed; //Variable to store Speed, by defaul 0 PWM
int flag;
void setup()
pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT); //Set pin 3 as an OUTPUT
Serial.begin( baudrate );
while(!Serial); //Waiting for Serial connection
int readSoilMoisture()
int value;
pinMode(soilMoisturePin1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(soilMoisturePin2, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(soilMoisturePin1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(soilMoisturePin2, LOW);
value = analogRead(soilMoisturePin3);
digitalWrite(soilMoisturePin2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(soilMoisturePin1, LOW);
digitalWrite(soilMoisturePin2, LOW);
return value;
void loop()
int value_water = readSoilMoisture();
String water = String((int)((((double)value_water/1023.0)*100.0)));//Convert Raw value to percentage. This is a generic calculation, depending on raw values from 0 to 1023.
Serial.print("Soil moisture: ");
Serial.print("% Raw value: ");
Serial.println( value_water );
//Check if incoming data is available:
if (water.toInt() < 20)
Serial.println("Too dry, we should water it.");
Speed = 100;
Serial.println("Still wet, no need to water it.");
Speed = 0;
if (Speed>=50 && Speed<=255)
analogWrite(motorPin, Speed);
if (flag==0)
Serial.print("Motor spinning with ");
Serial.println(" PWM");
else if (Speed == 0)
analogWrite(motorPin, Speed);