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# Makefile for gnote
# The original zip file, MUST be specified by each product
local-zip-file :=
# The output zip file of MIUI rom, the default is if not specified
local-out-zip-file :=
# the location for local-ota to save target-file
local-previous-target-dir := ~/workspace/ota_base/i9300
# All apps from original ZIP, but has smali files chanded
local-modified-apps := OriginalSettings Camera
local-modified-jars := framework2
# All apks from MIUI
local-miui-removed-apps := MediaProvider Stk
local-miui-modified-apps := MiuiHome Settings Phone Mms MiuiSystemUI ThemeManager MiuiGallery
# To include the local targets before and after zip the final ZIP file,
# and the local-targets should:
# (1) be defined after including if using any global variable(see
# (2) the name should be leaded with local- to prevent any conflict with global targets
local-pre-zip := local-pre-zip-misc
local-after-zip:= local-put-to-phone
# The local targets after the zip file is generated, could include 'zip2sd' to
# deliver the zip file to phone, or to customize other actions
include $(PORT_BUILD)/
# To define any local-target
updater := $(ZIP_DIR)/META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script
cp other/spn-conf.xml $(ZIP_DIR)/system/etc/spn-conf.xml
cp other/build.prop $(ZIP_DIR)/system/build.prop
#cp other/AxT9IME.apk $(ZIP_DIR)/system/app
cp stockrom/system/app/FFFFFFFF000000000000000000000001.drbin $(ZIP_DIR)/system/app
cp -r stockrom/system/app/mcRegistry $(ZIP_DIR)/system/app
rm -rf $(ZIP_DIR)/system/csc
local-rom-zip :=
adb shell rm /sdcard/$(local-rom-zip)
adb push out/$(local-rom-zip) /sdcard/
adb reboot recovery
adb shell su -c insecure &
adb kill-server
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