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EuroEditor, Your free, easy to use and customizable web based editor.

EuroEditor - at the time of writing - is an unfinished product. Inspired by Libreoffice - Writer . This will be the default web-based editor of EuroCMS!

Written in HTML5, CSS3, Jquery.

##Real live demo of EuroEditor

For your pleasure, Real live demo of EuroEditor, Go ahead and test it out.


Some Feature that are working, or close to

  • Browse Button(Currently read Only)
  • MEGA(service)
  • Dropbox (service)
  • OneDrive
  • Local(Files on your server, which EuroEditor is on.)
  • Search(For searching files you put on Mega, Dropbox, OneDrive and on your local server.)
  • Template(Choose a template, for the article / page your about to write.)
    • Parallax scrolling website.
    • News paper like
    • Power-point
  • Import documents, to post as articles(Not yet implemented).
  • Mail the link, and or entire article(Not yet implemented)
  • Edit Mode/Read only mode
  • Export article as PDF(Not yet implemented)
  • Print the article(Not fully implemented)
  • Turn Client(web browser) Spell Checker on off
  • Clip Board Manager(Not yet implemented). Will probably be used in combination with the UNDO/REDO button.
  • Undo/Redo(Not fully functional)
  • Zen Mode: Max height, max Width: button[F]
  • Full screen mode, HTML5 api
  • Rich Text Editing
  • Source Code Editing
  • MarkDown Editor(Not yet implemented)
  • Dynamic Table Of Content of the current Headers: jquery.toc.js
  • Settings Window - (≡) - for now read only mode:
  • Info(Information about the current article)
  • Settings for the current document!
  • Unprintable Charachters
  • Styling of words: B, I, U, Align left, Align center, Align right, Align Justified
  • Ubuntu Smileys(Need to upload the png/svg)
  • Reference Module(Work In Progress)
  • Insert Reference button
    • There will be a Reference section at the bottom of the page with all your inserted reference.
  • In case of the link going dead, the module will try to save the page using the Way Back Machine, at first time of adding the source link.
  • On top of that, in case of the link going dead, it will try to make a screenshot of the section quoted(


EuroEditor - 0.0.5