Script for managing per-interface and per-direction iptables rules.
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iptables-interfaces is a shell script for managing iptables rules.
It allowes rules to be defined per interface and per direction of traffic
(think INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD). Rules are defined in iptables command syntax.

iptables-interfaces should not interfere with any other tools setting iptables
rules, unless there is a collision in the created additional chains.

iptables-interfaces creates a separate chain for each interface and direction
and adds a rule in INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD chains that sends traffic for that
interface and direction through the created chain.

Per-interface chains end with a rule that links to a default chain for that
traffic direction. This allows default rules to apply to all interfaces.

Example: Chains for incoming traffic on eth0:
INPUT -> input_eth0 -> input_default

The contents of the conf/ directory need to be placed under /etc. On a Debian
based distribution, the iptables-interfaces script can be hooked to the
automatic network initialization by symlinking in the /etc/network/if-up.d/ and
/etc/network/if-down.d/ directories.

For usage help, run:

iptables-interfaces --help