Perl script for removing and storing of email attachments.
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The Grim Mail Ripper v0.1b

Expects e-mail message on standard input.
Mandatory arguments for long options are mandatory for short options too.

Usage: tgmripper [options]
  -e,     --extensions=<list>    Comma separated list of file extensions. Attachments with these
                                 extensions only will be stripped. Provide '*' (mind shell escaping!)
                                 to indicate that all attachments should be stripped.
  -A,     --all                  Same as --extensions='*'.
  -F,     --force-pgp            Force processing of PGP signed or encrypted parts that are normally
  -s,     --save                 Save stripped attachments.
  -d,     --save-dir=<dir>       Directory to save stripped attachments (default ~/.tgmripper/save).
  -b,     --backup               Save a backup of the original mail.
  -D,     --backup-dir=<dir>     Directory to store backup (default  ~/.tgmripper/backup).
  -I,     --ignore-errors        Attempt to ignore parsing errors. Could result in loss of data!
                                 Implies --backup! Use tgmripper --ignore-errors --no-backup to
                                 override backup. Note that ordering of these options matters.
                                 Use this only as last resort, if you want to try and see what
                                 will happen.
  -t,     --tmp-dir=<dir>        Directory to store temporary files (default /tmp).
  -h, -?, --help                 Print this message.

You can negate flags by adding 'no' before the flag name - e.g. --nobackup or --no-backup.
You can specify any of the long named options (without the leading '--') in the configuration
file ~/.tgmripperrc. This file will be created, using the default values when the programme is
started for the first time. If ignore-errors is found in the configuration file it implies 'backup=yes'
unless 'backup=no' is explicitly set there too.


 0. Install required Perl modules:
      - MIME::Parser
      - MIME::Entity
      - Getopt::Long
      - File::Temp

 1. Copy (or link) the executable .pl script to a directory
    on the PATH or use full path to start it.

    The script is designed to be used as a filter. That is,
    read the message from standard input and write the resulting
    message on standard output.

    See output of ' --help' for details on parameters.