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0. Install required modules and libraries:
- ImageMagick (library)
- Image::Magick (Perl module) (a.k.a. PerlMagick)
- Email::MIME (Perl module) (requires also Email::Simple)
For details on how to do this see the
respective documentation.
(Sources supplied in directory 'required')
1. Copy the configuration file yaica.conf to
/usr/local/etc/yaica.conf or /usr/local/etc/imgstore.conf.
2. Copy the executable file to a directory that
exists in the PATH environment variable (for easier use).
Use this application to store any attached images from
a given email message with or without applying any
convertions of file format.
Pass the message that should be processed to the standard
input of the application. For example:
$ cat mail | yaica -f jpeg -d .
Type 'yaica -h' for details on the options.