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Nemesis - Gradius ENHANCED V101.ips


NEMESIS - GRADIUS Enhanced Version 1.01

only for MSX 2 or higher (recommended Turbo CPU)


  • Based on the patched version by SHALOM (Arcade graphics style)
  • Original TURBO FIX Routine by FRS
  • New graphics and colours by Toni Galvez
  • Voice Set (with SCC in other slot) by WYZ/ARTRAG
  • Programmed by Victor Martinez

Display help screen by pressing [H] on boot.

Access these extra options by pressing the following keys on boot:

[F] Toggle VDP frequency (50 Hz <-> 60Hz) [V] Voice Set disabled [P] Original PSG sound forced (recommended without Turbo CPU) [I] Invincible (for cowards) [T] Twinbee (RC-740) simulated in other slot [D] Double speed enemies and bullets [O] Original MSX1 colors in game

  • For IPS Patch use this original ROM:

SHA-1 50efb7040339632cf8bddbc1d3eaae1fb2e2188f

Gradius. Nemesis (1986)(Konami)[a][RC-742].rom

Finally you will obtain a ROM with a size of 256 Kbytes and KONAMI SCC Mapper

  • If you want to play it in Web MSX put in the name of the ROM [KonamiSCC]

example:Nemesis[KonamiSCC].ROM and select TURBO CPU

  • Issues:
  • Some enemies don't move correctly with scroll... Sorry...
  • Thanks to:

David Madurga (Trunks): always helping... a great programmer... FRS: thanks for allow me to use your Turbo FIX routine... I love it!! WYZ: thanks for all your help and trust Toni Galvez: you're an artist!! Thanks for your cooperation Fernando Garcia: a super programmer!! Thanks for all!! Raul Fernandez: my own tester!! Thanks!! MSX-o-Mizer Team: A great compressor

ARTRAG: thanks for sharing your "URIDIUM 2" source code. Amazing... NYYRIKKI: thanks for share your "fade out/fade in" Colors routine GRAUWS: I love your MSX info page!! Essential page!!

and the "vintage KONAMI Team"!!