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Salamander Smooth Scroll Patch.ips



only for MSX 2 or higher (recommended Turbo CPU)

This version includes:

  • Turbo FIX,Dynamic Vsync,Ripple Laser FIX, Cool Colors, invincible by FRS
  • Voice SET (with other SCC) by WYZ & ARTRAG
  • Gradius 2 included in the same ROM (for good ending) by Manuel Pazos
  • New color flavour by Toni Galvez
  • Smooth Scroll and fixes by Victor Martinez (inspired on Gradius 2 by FRS)

Display help screen by pressing [H] on boot.

Access these extra options by pressing the following keys on boot:

[F] Toggle VDP frequency            [C] Cool Colors disabled               
[E] English texts in game forced	[J] Japanese texts in game forced      
[V] Voice Set disabled             	[I] Invincible (for cowards)           
[B] Bad ending forced, Gradius 2 disabled (no Venom Stage)                  
[CTRL] Female Voice Set(G-Gaiden)   [CTRL+SHIFT] Male Voice Set(G-Gaiden)  

In gameplay paused (with F1 key):

[S] Change gameplay SPEED (3 levels) 
1:Faster (only with Turbo CPU), 2:Default, 3:Slower
[P] Change colors PALETTE (3 levels)
1: Flavour Colour (one per stage) by Toni Galvez
2: Original MSX1 colors
3: Cool Colors by FRS

Player 1 Voice Set:[F2] Default voice,[F3] Zowie Scoot,[F4]Iggy Rock
  • For IPS Patch use this original ROM: Salamander (1987) (Konami) (J).rom

SHA-1 0d459788b6c464b50cbc2436e67a2cef248e0c4a

  • If you want to play it in Web MSX put in the name of the ROM [Konami SCC]

    example: Salamander[Konami SCC].ROM

  • Issues:

    • Some enemies don't move correctly with scroll... Sorry...
  • Thanks to:

    David Madurga (Trunks): always helping... a great programmer... WYZ: thanks for all your help and trust Toni Galvez: you're an artist!! Thanks for your cooperation Fernando Garcia: a great help!! Thanks for all!! Raul Fernandez: my own tester!! Thanks!!

    FRS: thanks for all the patches you did for so many games. My inspiration... ARTRAG: thanks for sharing your "URIDIUM 2" source code. Amazing... GRAUWS: I love your MSX info page!! Essential page!!

    and the "vintage KONAMI Team"!!