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YS 2 - HDD version 1.03.rar


YS 2 - The Final Chapter (HDD version) v 1.03 by Victor Martinez

  • Only for MSX-DOS2 or higher
  • You need to have the original version to play this game legally!!

Change Log:

V 1.03:

  • Solved: Stability problems after some sound effect and musics. Thanks to Ramon C for the info

V 1.02:

  • Solved: In Boss 4 the computer is stopped... (Thanks to Ramon C. for the info)


  • MGSEL songs included by mmlbox(PSG+FM songs)
  • File extractor from DSKs files by David Madurga
  • Programmed by Victor Martinez

This version includes:

  • File based version to be loaded from a massive storage device (HDD, microSD...)

  • TurboFIX routine

  • Auto turn ON Turbo CPU in Panasonic 2+,Turbo R and MSX CIEL

  • MGSEL songs support (PSG+SCC+FM)

  • Multilanguage (Japanese, English, Spanish)

  • You can select PSG original sound or MGSEL sound version

  • Double PSG if you have a MegaflashROM SD cartridge

  • Openning retranslated with the help of 232 Translations

  • Ending translated with the help of 232 Translations

  • Full Joymega 6 buttons support:

      [START]	-> Load/Save Menu
      [MODE] 	-> Pause
      [X]	-> Status
      [Y]	-> Equipment
      [Z]	-> Inventory
  • Save states are saved in /SAV subdirectory

  • You can put your favourite MGSEL songs in /MGS subdirectory

Thanks to: mmlbox, 232 Translations, David Madurga, Raul Fernandez, FX