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ZANAC_enhanced.1.02.DoublePSG.forced.ips Add files via upload Jan 8, 2019
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ZANAC_enhanced.1.03.ips Add files via upload Jan 15, 2019 Update Jan 15, 2019

ZANAC EX enhanced Version 1.03

for MSX2 or higher (recommended TurboCPU) by Victor Martinez

Apply the IPS patch in ZANAC EX original ROM file.

This version should work correctly in any MSX2 or higher.

For emulation, use openMSX for the best experience.

Video demostration

This patch implements:

  • FM music arranged by Mstz80ax
  • TurboFIX
  • Enables the turbo via CHGCPU in Panasonic 2+, Turbo R and MSX-CIEL
  • Double PSG for a better sound with FXs. Second PSG in ports 10h,11h
  • Some options at launch: infinite lives, PSG original sound...
  • Some routines have been optimized (faster than original game)
  • Everything in the same ROM size: 128 Kbytes

Thanks to: Mstz80ax, PAC, David Madurga


V 1.03

  • Check first for a complete double PSG in ports 10h,11h,12h

V 1.02

  • Fixed: sometimes crash at launch
  • Fixed: sometimes crash when you defeat a BOSS
  • Fixed: in some devices, GAME OVER issues