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Hydefos - English Version 1.01

(1989, Hertz) only for MSX 2 or higher



  • Texts translation: DJANGO
  • Code: Victor Martinez


  • Full texts translation in Visual Scenes
  • Translated even the "Hidden Ending"
  • Translated the extra texts in "Command Mode"


example 1 example 2

example 5 example 4

Video demostration

Keep pressed [SELECT] at boot to force 50 Hz.


  • Tip 1: When the Hz logo is shown, press the B, G and M keys to enter sound mode

  • Tip 2: Hidden ending: clear area 4 and look visual scene. you can see pink screen at last scene. Type AITAI + Enter at pink screen! and clear all area.

  • Tip 3: Command Mode:

     - Press STOP or ESC to pause
     - Press SELECT+F4 to activate the command mode
     - Press one of the keys bellow to activate the respective cheat:
       W: Capa Sw ON = Bonus items become capacities, and capacity increases as you take
       X: Extra Sw ON = Press backspace during the game to activate the talk mode, where "Susuku will assist you through the game"
       Y: Super Sw ON = Change the ship type with the key 1 (only works near a pit stop)
       Z: POWUP Sw ON = Press 1 or 2 to change the upper and lower option type respectivelly (only works near a pit stop)
       V: Unknown (must be pressed under some condition)


Version 1.01: (Thanks to John Hassink for his help)

  • Translated a text in Disc 2: "Thank you very much for playing Hydefos send remarks if there..."

  • Changed in the Ending: "Commandant Fars is crazy" by "COMMANDER PHALLUS IS MAD"