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This is the source for my personal site.

The Hakyll site's source (the Haskell code in src/) is BSD licensed as stated in the cabal file.

Feel free to use everything else in provider/, but if you can help it please don't use the site's style (in provider/scss) and instead use your own, or at the very least differentiate the style as much as you can. I created this style for this personal site, so I'd prefer that it remains unique!

If you use vim, I highly recommend the vim-pandoc-syntax plugin for better Pandoc-flavored markdown editing, complete with codeblock highlighting and concealments.


  • "live" editing; see changes as you save them, in-place (Haskell STM Channels -> HTML5 WebSockets)
  • fully integrated with MathJax using $ inline and $$ block delimiters
  • nice urls, e.g. .com/posts/some-post and .com/some-page, no trailing 'index.html'
  • easy page and post creation (place in posts/ or pages/)
  • default index page groups posts chronologically by year, where first group (for current year) doesn't show year heading
    • post excerpts in index pages with metadata excerpt: some excerpt
  • notes system, pretty much same as regular posts but with /notes/ path and no tags
  • custom deploy script for github pages setup, ./site deploy
    • src/ setup for initial configuration
  • drafts system for posts, pages, notes --- stored in drafts/
    • ./site watch and ./site preview will include drafts/ items in generated site
    • everything else, such as ./site deploy, assumes non-drafts
    • ./site clean preview cleans generated "preview site," including drafts
  • tags support with pretty and "slugified" versions of tags
    • i.e. in metadata specified as "Linux", shows up this way in posts, but tag page is /tags/linux/
  • scss consolidation, e.g. edit any one scss file, all of them get re-merged into single scss file
  • abbreviation support, defined as *[GHC]: Glasgow Haskell Compiler
  • table of contents generation with pretty section numbers
    • can left-align with metadata toc: left (right is default)
    • can turn off toc completely with toc: off
    • section renaming: # Some Header {toc="show this way in toc"}
    • section ignoring (don't include in toc and don't number): # Some Header {.notoc}
    • table of contents section numbering with pure CSS
    • header section numbering with pure CSS
  • pygments highlighting of codeblocks
    • UTF-8

    • very fast, server-backed implementation

    • produces simple, clean, and semantically correct markup

        <pre><code class="highlight language-haskell">the code</code></pre>
    • uses first class for language specification, {.haskell}, or optional {lang=haskell} keyvar, or alternative backtick codeblock syntax:

        ``` haskell
        putStrLn "Hey"
    • optional caption with text="some caption" keyvar

  • correctly ignores the file "4913" that vim creates on Windows to test if the directory is writeable
  • blockquotes with pretty borders
  • atom feed generation
  • disqus comments on by default, can turn off with metadata comments: off
    • only loads the JS when comments are on
  • github history integration
    • show the commit that most recently altered a given post in its footer, as well as a link to its overall history on github


the source for my personal site, written in Haskell, powered by Hakyll






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