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  • It's an URL shortener.
  • It's a HTTP proxy for chinese users.
  • It uses lua, nginx and redis (openresty)


Demo (Visit it from chinese, otherwise it's just a shorten URL, nothing more)

How it works

When it's going to shorten an URL, it checks if this website is blocked in china (via If it is, it will provide a proxy to chinese user who visit it.

How to run

  • Install openresty with some extra module: --with-http_spdy_module --with-http_sub_module --with-http_geoip_module
  • Install some extra lua lib (and set correct lua_package_path in your main nginx.conf):
  • Add geoip_country GeoIP.dat; to your main nginx.conf (download it from somewhere)
  • (Optional) Get a wildcard SSL certification for you proxy domain and configure it in your main nginx.conf
  • Link ShadowShorten directory to /etc/nginx/apps/
  • Add include /etc/nginx/apps/ShadowShorten/nginx.conf to your main nginx.conf
  • Copy auth.htpasswd.sample to auth.htpasswd and change the password
  • Change ShadowShorten/nginx.conf as you need (domain names etc.)
  • Run nginx (openresty)

How to use

http --form --auth user:passwd url=""(httpie)