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How to Rebind Keys

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How to Rebind Keys

For our example over here, we will use the Diverge TM as an example.

Downloading Default Layout Files

Before attempting to rebind keys for your device, you may wish to download the default layout of your device first.

  • Using your browser, navigate to UniKeyboard and select the page for your device.
  • Go to the download tab, then look for the layout file over there.

Web layout download screenshot

  • Download the zip file containing the layout file, then unzip and place the layout file somewhere.

Creating New Layouts/Rebinding Keys

To rebind the layout of your Animus device, follow the steps below:

  • Plug in your Animus device.
  • (Optional) Plug in another keyboard.
  • Launch Arbites, a new window like this should appear:

Arbites Screenshot

  • Select "Select Device" and then select your device.

Arbites Screenshot Arbites Screenshot

  • A keyboard with the physical layout of your keyboard should appear.
  • To edit a key, use the mouse to click on one of the keys on the screen, then press an alphanumeric key on your physical keyboard.

Arbites Screenshot

  • Alternatively, to edit a key to special characters (such as FN, controls, shifts, macros, etc), you should select "Key Menu," it may take a while for the key menu to pop up.

Arbites Screenshot

  • You could use the key menu by clicking a key on the key menu, then clicking a key on the virtual keyboard.
  • After you are done editing your layout, you may wish to save your changes by pressing "Save Layout."
  • You may now upload your layout by selecting the port number by selecting "Select Port." then selecting the correct port number.

Arbites Screenshot

  • You may now finish your upload by selecting "Apply."