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How to Switch Layers (Use Fn Keys)

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How to Switch Layers (Use Fn Keys)

For our tutorial over here, we will explore various methods to switch between layers

Animus devices are capable of holding multiple layers of keys, this allows more software keys to be held by a small number of physical keys, this is a very common feature in keyboard firmwares, Arbites exposes several of the layer switch options to you in an easy to use manner.

Prerequisites (Read First)

Basic Fn principles

In Animus, there exists various Fn keys such as Fn, toggleFn, [key] || Fn, etc. A number usually follows the Fn key like this: Fn1, Fn2, Fn3, Fn4, Fn5, etc. You could find the Fn keys under the "Specials" tab of the key menu.

Pressing a Fn[number] key will switch your layout to the [number] layout, for example, Fn1 will switch you to layer 1.

Different Fn key types (Fn, toggleFn, etc) behave differenly, for example, Fn acts as a temporary layer switch button, holding Fn down temporarily switches your layer, releasing it returns you to the main layer, this is very similar to the shift key, below is a table containing a list of Fn key types:

Key Type Behaviour
Fn[num] Switches layer to [num] when held down, switches layer back to main layer when released, similar to the Shift key.
toggleFn[num] Switches layer to [num] when pressed and released, stays at layer [num]. If the key is pressed again whilst the layer is at [num], return to the main layer, similar to the Capslock key.
spaceFn[num] Depreciated. If pressed and released without pressing anything in between, then a space character (" ") is outputted, if pressed and held and another key is pressed, then it functions as a Fn[num] key.

Examples (TODO)

Listed below are some example uses of the Fn keys.




[key] || Fn