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Support use of node-inspector with --debug #13

darvelo opened this Issue · 4 comments

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If node is run with the --debug flag it'll allow a remote debugger like node-inspector to work (in this case with WebKit Inspector). I'm not sure if this is currently supported.. I see something about debug-brk in the Readme but I'm unclear as to if it's related. I tried using forever-monitor options with:

monitor: {
  options: ['--debug'],

..but no joy. Not sure if I'm just doing something wrong or if it's not possible. Advice is appreciated. Thanks. :)


if you put your grunt-express setting like following, you can debug from a remote debugger that is listening to port 5858

  express: {
    server: {
      options: {
        'debug-brk': 5858

Thank you, kind sir.

@darvelo darvelo closed this

Is this option still available? It isn't working for me...


No, since 1.0 grunt-express uses grunt-contrib-watch to manage the server (and its start/stop), so you no longer need to use something like debug-brk, you simply set the spawn to false (so the server is run in the same process of the grunt itself) and your breakpoint would work.

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