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Releases: blai30/bomberman-java


23 May 17:42
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To load .csv map file

java -jar bomberman.jar [map filename]


java -jar bomberman.jar big_map.csv

Alternatively, place a .csv map file in the same directory as .jar and run:

java -jar bomberman.jar *.csv


  1. Keep score
  2. Randomly placed breakable walls
  3. Reset map after each score
  4. Bombs snap to grid
  5. Bomb explosions expand up to first wall within range or its own range in 4 directions
  6. Players place bombs at their feet but are able to move away from the bomb and will make the bomb solid
  7. Bombs are solid to all players
  8. Powerup makes bomb explode through breakable walls
  9. Powerup allows player to kick bomb
  10. Bombs have a timer that can be shortened through powerups
  11. Players have ammunition for the number of bombs they can place in the world at any given time
  12. Bombs cannot be placed where there is already a bomb
  13. Explosions from bombs detonate other bombs to explode
  14. Solid collisions for players vs walls and bombs
  15. Ability to load custom map from file
  16. Sprite animations (walking, bomb ticking, explosion)