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Hub validation of the PubSubHubbub spec

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PubSubHubbub Hub Test Suite

This suite is intended to be used for hub compliancy. The test examples came 
directly from the current 0.1 PubSubHubbub Core working draft. However, not 
everything can be tested currently. This may change as the spec changes.

This requires Ruby, RSpec and Mechanize, the later two can be installed with 
Ruby Gems using "gem install rspec mechanize". RSpec is a great approach to 
testing and Ruby allows for nice DSL-like testing. The interface is HTTP, so 
it's language independent.

When you use this test suite, make sure that the HOST and SUB_PORT are within
reach of the HUB_URL. If you chose a "public" HUB_URL, your HOST and SUB_PORT
must be "public" too.
You can also specify a specific topic url to test a given hub as not all hubs 
accept all feed urls.

Using the Test Suite:

$ HUB_URL=<url to hub> [HOST=<subscriber host>] [SUB_PORT=<subscriber port>] [PUB_PORT=<publisher port>] [TOPIC_URL=<feed url>] spec -c hub_*_spec.rb --format specdoc


$ HUB_URL=http://localhost:8000 HOST=localhost SUB_PORT=8098 spec -c hub_*_spec.rb --format specdoc

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