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An Autogrowing Text input for Framer
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An Autogrowing Text input for Framer

After adding the module, add this to your Framer prototype: {AutoGrowInput} = require "AutoGrowInput"

Then you can write cool stuff like:

text = new AutoGrowInput
  reflowSiblings: true
  resizeParent: true
  padding: "16px 16px 36px 16px"
  placeHolder: "Type your comments"
  value: "Silt is..."
Custom properties Description
fontFamily CSS property. Defaults to "-apple-system, Helvetica"
fontSize CSS property. Defaults to 32
fontWeight CSS property. Defaults to 300
minHeight Integer. Defaults to the starting height of the layer when initialized.
padding CSS shorthand property. Add any padding you'd like. ex: "14px 16px 0"
parentBottomPadding how much padding should be at the bottom of the parent. Defaults to 0
placeholder String, whatever you want the placeholder text to be. Defaults to "Type something"
reflowSiblings Boolean, will move siblings on the same parent it as it changes height. Defaults to false
resizeParent Boolean, will resize the parent if things get too long. Defaults to false
value String, starter value if you want text already in there. Defaults to ""
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