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debug: false
nick: "#" # set in onConnect
id: null # set in onConnect
last_message_time: 1
focus: true #event listeners bound in onConnect
unread: 0 #updated in the message-processing loop
nicks: []
Date::toRelativeTime: (now_threshold) ->
delta: new Date() - this
now_threshold: parseInt(now_threshold, 10)
now_threshold: 0 if isNaN(now_threshold)
return 'Just now' if delta <= now_threshold
units: null
conversions: {
millisecond: 1 # ms -> ms
second: 1000 # ms -> sec
minute: 60 # sec -> min
hour: 60 # min -> hour
day: 24 # hour -> day
month: 30 # day -> month (roughly)
year: 12 # month -> year
for key, value of conversions
if delta < value
units: key
delta: delta / value
delta: Math.floor(delta)
units += 's' if delta isnt 1
return [delta, units].join(" ")
Date.fromString: (str) -> new Date(Date.parse(str))
#updates the users link to reflect the number of active users
updateUsersLink: ->
t: nicks.length.toString() + " user"
t += "s" if nicks.length isnt 1
$("#usersLink").text t
#handles another person joining chat
userJoin: (nick, timestamp) ->
#put it in the stream
addMessage nick, "joined", timestamp, "join"
if nicks.indexOf(nick) is -1
#otherwise, add the user to the list
nicks.push nick
#update the UI
#handles someone leaving
userPart: (nick, timestamp) ->
#put it in the stream
addMessage nick, "left", timestamp, "part"
#remove the user from the list
nicks.split nicks.indexOf(nick), 1
#update the UI
# utility functions
class Util
urlRE: /https?:\/\/([-\w\.]+)+(:\d+)?(\/([^\s]*(\?\S+)?)?)?/g
toStaticHTML: (inputHtml) ->
inputHtml: inputHtml.toString()
inputHtml.replace(/&/g, "&amp;").replace(/</g, "&lt;").replace(/>/g, "&gt;")
zeroPad: (digits, n) ->
n = n.toString()
while n.length < digits
n = '0' + n
timeString: (date) ->
minutes: date.getMinutes().toString()
hours: date.getHours().toString()
@zeroPad(2, hours) + ":" + @zeroPad(2, minutes)
isBlank: (text) ->
blank: /^\s*$/
text.match(blank) isnt null
util: new Util()
#used to keep the most recent messages visible
scrollDown: ->
window.scrollBy 0, 100000000000000000
#inserts an event into the stream for display
#the event may be a msg, join or part type
#from is the user, text is the body and time is the timestamp, defaulting to now
#_class is a css class to apply to the message, usefull for system events
addMessage: (from, text, time, _class) ->
return if text is null
if time is null
# if the time is null or undefined, use the current time.
time: new Date()
else if (time instanceof Date) is false
# if it's a timestamp, interpret it
time: new Date(time)
#every message you see is actually a table with 3 cols:
# the time,
# the person who caused the event,
# and the content
messageElement: $(document.createElement("table"))
messageElement.addClass(_class) if _class
# sanitize
text: util.toStaticHTML(text)
# If the current user said this, add a special css class
nick_re: new RegExp(CONFIG.nick)
messageElement.addClass("personal") if nick_re.exec(text)
# replace URLs with links
text: text.replace(util.urlRE, '<a target="_blank" href="$&">$&</a>')
content: """
<td class="date">${ util.timeString(time) }</td>
<td class="nick">${ util.toStaticHTML(from) }</td>
<td class="msg-text">$text</td>
messageElement.html content
#the log is the stream that we view
#always view the most recent message when it is added
updateRSS: ->
bytes: parseInt(rss)
if bytes
megabytes: bytes / (1024*1024)
megabytes: Math.round(megabytes*10)/10
updateUptime: ->
$("#uptime").text(starttime.toRelativeTime()) if starttime
transmission_errors: 0
first_poll: true
#process updates if we have any, request updates from the server,
# and call again with response. the last part is like recursion except the call
# is being made from the response handler, and not at some point during the
# function's execution.
longPoll: (data) ->
if transmission_errors > 2
if data and data.rss
rss: data.rss
#process any updates we may have
#data will be null on the first call of longPoll
if data and data.messages
for message in data.messages
#track oldest message so we only request newer messages from server
if message.timestamp > CONFIG.last_message_time
CONFIG.last_message_time: message.timestamp
#dispatch new messages to their appropriate handlers
switch message.type
when "msg"
if !CONFIG.focus
addMessage message.nick, message.text, message.timestamp
when "join" then userJoin(message.nick, message.timestamp)
when "part" then userPart(message.nick, message.timestamp)
#update the document title to include unread message count if blurred
#only after the first request for messages do we want to show who is here
if first_poll
first_poll: false
#make another request
cache: false
type: "GET"
url: "/recv"
dataType: "json"
data: { since: CONFIG.last_message_time, id: }
error: ->
addMessage("", "long poll error. trying again...", new Date(), "error")
transmission_errors += 1
#don't flood the servers on error, wait 10 seconds before retrying
setTimeout(longPoll, 10*1000)
success: (data) ->
transmission_errors: 0
#if everything went well, begin another request immediately
#the server will take a long time to respond
#how long? well, it will wait until there is another message
#and then it will return it to us and close the connection.
#since the connection is closed when we get data, we longPoll again
#submit a new message to the server
send: (msg) ->
if CONFIG.debug is false
# XXX should be POST
# XXX should add to messages immediately
jQuery.get("/send", {id:, text: msg}, (data) ->
return true
#Transition the page to the state that prompts the user for a nickname
showConnect: ->
#transition the page to the loading screen
showLoad: ->
#transition the page to the main chat view, putting the cursor in the textfield
showChat: (nick) ->
#we want to show a count of unread messages when the window does not have focus
updateTitle: ->
if CONFIG.unread
document.title: "(" + CONFIG.unread.toString() + ") node chat"
document.title = "node chat"
# daemon start time
starttime: null
# daemon memory usage
rss: null
#handle the server's response to our nickname and join request
onConnect: (session) ->
if session.error
alert("error connecting: " + session.error)
CONFIG.nick: session.nick
starttime: new Date(session.starttime)
rss: session.rss
#update the UI to show the chat
#listen for browser events so we know to update the document title
$(window).bind("blur", ->
CONFIG.focus: false
$(window).bind("focus", ->
CONFIG.focus: true
CONFIG.unread: 0
#add a list of present chat members to the stream
outputUsers: ->
nick_string: if nicks.length > 0 then nicks.join(", ") else "(none)"
addMessage "users:", nick_string, new Date(), "notice"
return false
#get a list of the users presently in the room, and add it to the stream
who: ->
jQuery.get("/who", {}, (data, status) ->
if status isnt "success" then return
nicks = data.nicks
$(document).ready( ->
#submit new messages when the user hits enter if the message isnt blank
$("#entry").keypress( (e) ->
if e.keyCode isnt 13 then return
msg: $("#entry").attr("value").replace("\n", "")
if not util.isBlank(msg) then send(msg)
$("#entry").attr("value", "")
#try joining the chat when the user clicks the connect button
$("#connectButton").click( ->
#lock the UI while waiting for a response
nick: $("#nickInput").attr("value")
#dont bother the backend if we fail easy validations
if nick.length > 50
alert("Nick too long. 50 character max.")
return false
#more validations
if /[^\w_\-^!]/.exec(nick)
alert("Bad character in nick. Can only have letters, numbers, and '_', '-', '^', '!'");
return false
#make the actual join request to the server
cache: false
type: "GET" # XXX should be POST
dataType: "json"
url: "/join"
data: { nick: nick }
error: ->
alert("error connecting to server")
success: onConnect
return false
# update the daemon uptime every 10 seconds
setInterval( ->
if CONFIG.debug
# remove fixtures
$("#log table").remove()
#begin listening for updates right away
#interestingly, we don't need to join a room to get its updates
#we just don't show the chat stream to the user until we create a session
#if we can, notify the server that we're going away.
$(window).unload( ->
jQuery.get("/part", {id:}, (data) ->