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global rpm
; Set up the local stack and make room for a local variable
push ebp
mov ebp, esp
sub esp, 4
push edi
push esi
; Get the arguments past in from the stack
mov edi, [ebp+8]
mov esi, [ebp+12]
; Set the local variable to zero
mov dword [ebp-4], 0
; Check if the second argument is odd
; if it is even skip right to bit shifting
mov eax, esi
and eax, 1
cmp eax, 0
je shift
; If the second arcument is odd
; keep a running sum of the first arguments
add dword [ebp-4], edi
; Double the first argument and half the second argument
shl edi, 1
shr esi, 1
; Continue looping while the second argument is greater than zero
cmp esi, 0
jg whileLoop
; Finally move the local variable sum to the return register
mov eax, [ebp-4]
; Recover register values,
; deallocate local variable, and
; restore the caller's base pointer
pop esi
pop edi
mov esp, ebp
pop ebp
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