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Live World Map for Mac and Linux

What is this?

A script that uses xplanet to make your desktop wallpaper a live map of the world using NASA imagery.

Screenshot on macOS

How do I use this?

  1. Install xplanet (use the correct line for your OS):
    brew install xplanet            # MacOS with Homebrew - see
    sudo dnf install -y xplanet     # Fedora, Red Hat
    sudo apt-get install -y xplanet # Ubuntu, Mint, Debian
    sudo pacman -S xplanet          # Arch Linux
  2. Clone the repository:
    cd ~/00blair/gitrepos/ # or wherever you keep this stuff
    git clone -v
  3. Edit the config files config/config.conf and to point the correct paths for your setup (and change the myresolution variable in the latter, to suit your screen!).
  4. Open your crontab for editing:
    export EDITOR=nano # I don't like vim.. sorry..
    crontab -e
  5. Put in an entry for the script:
    */5 * * * * /Users/blair/00blair/gitrepos/liveworldmap/

(You only need that first line with PATH if you're using Mac.)

Happy wallpaper-cronning! :)

I'm using Linux, but not Fedora

Screenshot on Linux

  • If you're using MATE or GNOME you should be able to just edit to suit your needs and use apt-get or whatever instead of dnf.
  • I think you might be able to get this working on KDE if you use KDE? Sorry I can't test this because I don't have any KDE installs, personally find KDE a bit too cluttered. This looks promising though:

I'm using Windows

I'm sorry, this doesn't work on Windows right now. If you can get it working, that would be amazing!



Make your Mac or Linux wallpaper a live world map using NASA imagery



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