An example and template for using jMonkeyEngine 3 with JRuby.
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jMonkeyEngine 3 with JRuby

This is an example/template for game programming using jMonkeyEngine 3 with JRuby. Including multi-platform packaging using Rawr.

Getting started:

Take a look at src/ruby/main.rb. It's a port of the "Hello SimpleApplication" tutorial on the jme wiki with additional code to illustrate using your own ruby and java classes alongside each other.

Running the sample code:

The sample code draws a blue box, lets you walk around with the wasd keys, look around with the mouse, and hit ESC to exit. It also prints some messages to the console to illustrate calling your own custom ruby and java classes.

Make sure you have JRuby and Rawr. I'll leave the specifics up to you, but I highly recommend using rvm.

To run the code directly with jruby:

rake rawr:compile
jruby src/ruby/main.rb

You only need the compile step if you have java code under src/java (which we do).

Or to package and run the app as a jar:

rake rawr:jar
java -jar package/jar/jme3-jruby-template.jar

Or to package and run the app as an OS X .app:

rake rawr:bundle:app
open package/osx/

Or to package and run the app as a Windows .exe:

rake rawr:bundle:exe

Important files/directories:

|  |
|  |__java # => Third-party java libraries (jars)
|  |
|  |__ruby # => Third-party ruby libraries (unpacked gems)
|  |
|  |__classes
|     |
|     |__java # => *.class files compiled from the *.java files under src/java
|     |
|     |__ruby # => *.class files compiled from the *.rb files under src/ruby
   |__java # => Your own java source code lives here
   |__ruby # => Your own ruby source code lives here
      |__main.rb # => The file that gets executed on startup


  • using gems...