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OSS License Generator

Generate an open source license for your projects.


gem install license-generator


licgen <license> [<author1>, [<author2> ...]]

Too see the available license templates:

licgen list

Available licenses

They are provided in the gem as templates.

Please add some!

There are a lot. See

Simply fork, add an ERB template to the templates directory, and send me a pull request.

Since it's ERB you can use ruby to include things like the current date. You can also prompt the user for input like this:

<%= option(:name) %>

Since author name will be needed for almost all templates, a special template variable is provided:

<%= authors %>

If authors are not specified on the command line, it will prompt the user.


  • Bill Evans (@thirteenpixels) for help naming the binary and pushing to make it not hard to add templates.
  • Dayton Nolan (@daytonn) for fixes and new templates.
  • Leszek Rybicki (@leszekr) for new templates.
  • James Pearson (@xiongchiamiov) for authors feature and new templates.
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