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Track gitlab pipelines state of your project in Atom editor and more
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Atom gitlab-integration package

Track gitlab pipelines state of your project.



  • Once installed, fill your Gitlab API token in the package's settings page
  • Clone a project hosted on a gitlab server
    • warning pay attention to the URL you use to clone your project. Indeed, gitlab-integration uses remote named origin to determine where to reach Gitlab API to get pipeline statuses, so make sure that is the one that points to your gitlab server. Indeed, gitlab-integration uses Atom GitRepository API to retrieve that URL, which does not currently leave the choice about which remote to consider as upstream repository.
  • Add the project to Atom or directly open a file from your project
  • gitlab-integration should display pipeline statuses in the status bar if it can correctly determine and reach the gitlab server where your project is hosted like shown above.
  • In case any errors occurs, a message should be logged in Atom developer console.


Reporting issues and pull requests are more than welcome on this project.

Please provide console debug output screenshot by enabling corresponding option in package settings:

Debug option

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