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Present To Glass - Desktop

Desktop software for communicating presentation notes to Google Glass. You must use Google Glass or keyboard shortcuts to control the slides in the presentation software.


  • Java 8+
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Min Resolution: 1024x678
  • Google Glass (XE 22+)
  • WiFi


Installation & use

  • Download and extract to a suitable rememberable place
  • Sideload the apk or install from Glassware Store (when available)
  • Open desktop/Present2Glass.jar

Selecting software

  • Create or open a set of notes
  • Select the correct presentation software you wish to work with (bottom left corner)

Connecting to Google Glass

  • Make sure both devices are on the same WiFi network.
  • Open up the Google Glass app - Use either 'OK Glass, present (with Present To Glass)' or open from menu.
  • Input the Google Glass IP address at the bottom of the program.
  • The yellow connection warning icon should disappear once connected.

Starting a presentation

  • Make sure the presentation software is in focus
  • Start from Google Glass by tapping on the splash scrren of the app
  • or Use appropriate shortcut key

Stopping a presentation

  • Swipe Down on Google Glass
  • or Use appropriate shortcut key

Navigating a presentation

  • Swipe fowards and backwards on Google Glass ** 1 finger = next/previous note ** 2 fingers = next/previous slide (where applicable)
  • or Use appropriate shortcut key



  • Notes feed directly from another device.
  • use keyboard shortcuts
  • use a remote control
  • or Google Glass can act as a remote.
  • Start/Stop Presentation (up/down swipe)
  • Previous/Next note (1 finger swipe)
  • Previous/Next slide (2 finger swipe)
  • Screen dimming for power conservation

Desktop software

  • Supports Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Full support for multiple presentation software including all the presentation keyboard shortcuts
  • PowerPoint (Mac & PC)
  • LibreOffice/OpenOffice
  • Keynote
  • Prezi
  • Should work with other presentation software - please submit requests for other software
  • Seperate notes into slides
  • Previewer for testing without using Google Glass
  • Support for navigating to hidden slides
  • Save and open notes
  • Simple and easy to use

Known Limitations

Can only communicate to one Google Glass at a time - feature will be added soon to support multiple Glass Connections at once.

Keyboard Shortcuts