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0.12.0 - 2012-09-12
* Identity map is now more opt-in. Middleware turns it on, but it stays off for background jobs and such without explicit intervention.
* Update to latest version of plucky
* Rails 3.2 support
* Support new mongo hosts option format
* A few bug fixes
0.11.1 - 2012-03-30
* Add ActiveRecord-style #touch to documents and associations
* Add options to atomic modifiers that are passed to the driver
Page.increment({:title => "Hello World"}, {:comment_count => 1}, {:upsert => true})
Bug Fixes:
* Stop raising error if MongoMapper.database is nil
* Delegate :distinct, :size, :reverse, :offset, :order, :empty?, :filter,
:find_one, :per_page, :ignore, :only, and :to_a on Document to query
* Fix for EmbeddedDocument#inspect [#373]
* Ensure milliseconds are preserved with time values [#308]
* Allow MongoMapper.setup to accept a symbol for the environment name
0.11.0 - 2012-01-26
* Adds support for has_one polymorphic embedded associations
* Adds namespacing to model generator
* Adds :context option to validates_associated
many :things
validates_associated :things, :context => :custom_context
* Adds ActiveRecord-compatible association reflection
* Adds support for setting mongo connection options in mongo.yml
uri: <%= ENV['MONGOHQ_URL'] %>
safe: true
* Adds #timestamps! to embedded documents
Bug Fixes
* #update_attribute now ignores attr_accessible and attr_protected
* Fix deprecation warnings in Rails 3.2