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+This Software Requirements Document for Community Project Tracking is for use by the customer and development team. This document is a formal listing of the functional and non-functional requirements of the Community Project Tracking system.
+The Community Project Tracking software will assist users in the storing and summary of various activity data.
@@ -92,7 +97,7 @@ \subsection{References}
\subsection{Revision tracking:}
0.1 & Feb 10 & Document constructed.\\
@@ -126,26 +131,45 @@ \subsection{Apportioning of requirements}
\section{Specific requirements}
-\multicolumn{2}{c}{Priority List}\\
+The requirements are listed and ordered in a priority list so that their order can be changed at a later date without the section numbers needing to be changed and to allow listing of the priorities in one location.\\
+\multicolumn{3}{c}{Priority List}\\
+1 &\ref{sec:Store Data} & Store data regarding operations \\
+2 &\ref{sec:Generate summary} & Generate summary reports of the data that has been gathered\\
+3 &\ref{sec:Security} & Take steps to prevent malicious tampering\\
+4 &\ref{sec:Interface} & Highly usable interface\\
+5 &\ref{sec:Backups} & Prevent loss or corruption of data\\
+6 &\ref{sec:Platform} & Runs on existing platform\\
+The first 2 are to be considered absolutely critical. The software cannot be considered useful if those features are absent.
+What are the security implications of storing identifiable time sheet info for employees??
\subsection{Functional requirements}
-The functional requirements are listed in order of importance.
-\subsubsection{Store Data}
+\subsubsection{Store Data}\label{sec:Store Data}
+\paragraph{---:} ---
+\subsubsection{Generate summary reports}\label{sec:Generate summary}
\paragraph{---:} ---
-\subsubsection{Generate summary reports}
\paragraph{---:} ---
\paragraph{---:} ---
\subsection{Non-functional requirements}
-\subsubsection{Intuitive input format}
+\subsubsection{Intuitive input format}\label{sec:Interface}
+\paragraph{---:} ---
+\subsubsection{Runs on an existing platform}\label{sec:Platform}
+Available system is Windows 2003 server.
\paragraph{---:} ---

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