A tool to obfuscate your http requests by needlessly calling gay pr0n.
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A tool to obfuscate your http requests by needlessly calling gay pr0n.

What is this really, though?

While reading the news about congress approving your internet service provider to gather and sell your browsing history, a lightbulb went off and I thought, oh yeah, I can obfuscate this shit.

This is just a simple Python script with some bundled website lists to constantly make useless http-get requests in the background, confusing any data collectors and likely resulting in really hilarious targeted advertising. It doesn't load any content into a browser, it simply gathers html and throws it away. It prefers plain http to make sure anyone peering in on your connection can see all the useless garbage it's collecting.

In action

Included site lists

Five txt files ship with the app, and any can be modified.


This site list consists of Chuck Tingle books on Amazon, Ashley Feinberg's social media accounts (and articles she's written about being an expert lurker thereof), My Little Pony fansites (including a Brony dating website), furry social networks, Google searches to identify STD symptoms, and some other stuff maybe. I was drunk. This is the default list.


This is the one that came to mind when I decided to write this thing. It requests art/culture/science content, and a lot of raunchy gay porno. I'm hoping this will trick targeted advertising into invoking Rule 35 and creating Carl Sagan on Neil DeGrasse Tyson slash with bad acting.


The campaign websites of everyone who voted for this bill. Use with the flood option.


Darknet websites, government law enforcement websites, conspiracy theory websites, ISIL-sympathizer shit... just don't use this one. Are you crazy?


This is just an empty text file for you to put in whatever links you want.

Installation and usage

This script depends on Python 3.6+ and the requests library. I jumped on board with Python 3.6 immediately because the new string formatting is awesome, but your distro probably doesn't have it yet.

I haven't tried it on Windows, but you should just get the latest 3.6 from www.python.org and run:

pip install requests

Linux/BSD users should do this:

wget https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.6.1/Python-3.6.1.tar.xz
tar xf Python-3.6.1.tar.xz
cd Python-3.6.1
make altinstall
pip3.6 install requests

Clone the project folder and just invoke with the correct Python version.


python3 whatareyoulookingat.py [args] [module]

Valid arguments:
        -h: print this help menu
        -l: log output
        -t: show complete html text output in log file
        -s: adjust time in seconds that the script makes queries (default:60)
        -d: Disable timer and just fucking flood (might get you in trouble).

Available modules:
TEHLULZ:     Mostly Chuck Tingle books, Ashley Feinberg's social media 
(default)    accounts, My Little Pony fansites and other dumb shit.
HOMOLECTUAL: Gay porn and educational content (pbs.org, wikipedia, etc...)
CONGRESS:    The websites of everyone who voted for the bill allowing
             your ISP to sell your browsing history. Best used with -d
TERRORISM:   Just don't fucking use this one unless you want the FBI
             at your house.
CUSTOM:      The contents of custom.txt


Bugs or requests to be removed from the http lists can go to getwasted@blakedrinks.beer, I guess.

If you found this funny, you should consult the following for more stupidity:


Twitter: @BeerDrinksBlake

Snapchat: AtomicCuntPunt