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A jQuery plugin to truncate text.
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txtTruncate - a jQuery plugin to truncate text

txtTruncate is a jQuery plugin which will truncate the text in elements so that it only takes up the desired number of lines. The plugin recalculates the truncation every time the window is resized, so this plugin works perfectly with liquid layouts or on mobile phones (try changing the orientation on an iPhone).

The plugin accepts an options object so you can overwrite the default behaviour. The available options are:

  • end

    The end option defines the string that is added to the end of the element's truncated text. You can add HTML here if you like.

    The default value is: "..."

  • lines

    The lines option defines the maximum number of lines that the element's text may take up.

    The default value is null

    If lines is set to null then the plugin will check to see if the element has the max-height CSS property defined. If it does then it will limit the number of lines so that the text fits within that max-height. If no max-height is found then the text is limited to a single line.


Basic usage:


Defining options:

var options = {
	end: "...Read more",
	lines: 3

Customising: The jQuery plugin exposes the underlying Truncator instance via $("#example").data("truncator");. This means you can manipulate and change an individual instance if you require some specific, custom implementation.

var truncator = $("#example").data("truncator");
truncator._restoreOrigTxt = function(){

    // Some custom changes I need to make when the element is displayed in full.

    // Normal processing.
    return this.origTxt;

Dev Notes

Minified version created using UglifyJS via GruntJS.


Version 1.1.0 - 12 October, 2012

  • Complete rewrite to convert the plugin to a proper prototyped function for easier customisation.
  • Added Gruntfile to encapsulate minification and linting.
  • Re-enabled $(window).resize() binding having wrapped recalculation in a timeout for performance reasons.

Version 1.0.2 - 12 January, 2012

  • Moved merging of options with default settings out of the loop.

Version 1.0.1 - 11 January, 2012

  • Refactored code to fix most JSLint complaints, except for a few small whitespace issues.

Version 1.0 - 3 June, 2011

  • Added CSS reset for min-height
  • Added README
  • Added examples of use
  • Added support for HTML in the settings.end string
  • Fixed bug with variable name currTxt being referred to as currText in truncateElementTxt function
  • Added source code (development and minified versions)
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