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Couchbase Exporter

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Expose metrics from Couchbase cluster for consumption by Prometheus.


Couchbase has released an official exporter: couchbase-exporter.

Getting Started

Run from command-line:

./couchbase_exporter [flags]

The exporter supports various configuration ways: command-line arguments takes precedence over environment variables that take precedence over configuration file.

Configuration file can be provided on the command line. It must be written in json or yaml. If none is provided using the command line --config.file option, it will look for a file named config.json or config.yml in the same directory that the exporter binary. You can find complete examples of configuation files in the sources (directory examples).

As for available flags and equivalent environment variables, here is a list:

environment variable argument description default
-config.file Configuration file to load data from
CB_EXPORTER_LISTEN_ADDR -web.listen-address Address to listen on for HTTP requests :9191
CB_EXPORTER_TELEMETRY_PATH -web.telemetry-path Path under which to expose metrics /metrics
CB_EXPORTER_SERVER_TIMEOUT -web.timeout Server read timeout in seconds 10s
CB_EXPORTER_DB_URI -db.uri Address of Couchbase cluster
CB_EXPORTER_DB_TIMEOUT -db.timeout Couchbase client timeout in seconds 10s
CB_EXPORTER_TLS_ENABLED -tls.enabled If true, enable TLS communication with the cluster false
CB_EXPORTER_TLS_SKIP_INSECURE -tls.skip-insecure If true, certificate won't be verified false
CB_EXPORTER_TLS_CA_CERT Root certificate of the cluster
CB_EXPORTER_TLS_CLIENT_CERT -tls.client-cert Client certificate
CB_EXPORTER_TLS_CLIENT_KEY -tls.client-key Client private key
CB_EXPORTER_DB_USER not allowed Administrator username
CB_EXPORTER_DB_PASSWORD not allowed Administrator password
CB_EXPORTER_LOG_LEVEL -log.level Log level: info,debug,warn,error,fatal error
CB_EXPORTER_LOG_FORMAT -log.format Log format: text, json text
CB_EXPORTER_SCRAPE_CLUSTER -scrape.cluster If false, wont scrape cluster metrics true
CB_EXPORTER_SCRAPE_NODE -scrape.node If false, wont scrape node metrics true
CB_EXPORTER_SCRAPE_BUCKET -scrape.bucket If false, wont scrape bucket metrics true
CB_EXPORTER_SCRAPE_XDCR -scrape.xdcr If false, wont scrape xdcr metrics false
-help Command line help

Important: for security reasons credentials cannot be set with command line arguments.


All metrics are listed in resources/


Use it like this:

docker run --name cbexporter -p 9191:9191 -e CB_EXPORTER_DB_USER=admin -e CB_EXPORTER_DB_PASSWORD=complicatedpassword blakelead/couchbase-exporter:latest


You can find example files in resources directory.


Some simple alerting rules: resources/prometheus-alerts.yaml.


Minimal dashboard (resources/grafana-dashboard.json):


You can adapt and use the provided service template to run the exporter with systemd (resources/couchbase-exporter.service):

sudo mv couchbase-exporter.service /etc/systemd/system/couchbase-exporter.service
sudo systemctl enable couchbase-exporter.service
sudo systemctl start couchbase-exporter.service


Special thanks to:

  • @Berchiche
  • @bitdba88
  • @CharlesRaymond1
  • @pandrieux