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What are Pokkies?

Pokkies are awesome desktop applications designed to bring an improved app experience to users. You write them using the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Learn more at [Pokki.com] (http://www.pokki.com) and be sure to read the official [Development Docs] (http://developers.pokki.com/docs).

What's this project about?

This git project exists to give Pokki developers a place to learn and share useful examples and scripts.

Guides and Reference

Repo Contents


  • OAuth/ - directory containing files required by OAuthManager and xAuthManager
  • GAPokki.js - Google Analytics implementation for Pokkies
  • GAPokkiTimeTracker.js - Google Analytics TimeTracker event wrapper for Pokkies
  • LocalStore.js - A utility to simplify the storing and retrieving of data from localStorage
  • OAuthManager-nolib.js - An OAuth library for Pokki
  • SmoothScroll.js - Adds smooth scrolling to your Pokki (based on smoothscroll Chrome extension)
  • xAuthManager-nolib.js - An xAuth library for Pokki


  • PokkiAtom/ - a simple Pokki that's the ideal starting point for your first (or fiftieth) Pokki
  • PokkiMolecule/ - a more rich Pokki that demonstrates how to use many of the scripts contained in the lib