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Code to make Common Lisp CLOS work like Smalltalk
(with multiple inheritance and other features associated with CLOS)

Written by:
      Blake McBride

Version / Release 4/1/2018

Master copy is at:

Donated to the public domain.

CLOS provides a powerful framework for developing OO applications.  The
problem is that this framework is at just slightly too low a level to
make it easily understandable and usable by programmers familiar with
OO concepts but unfamiliar with the CLOS machinery.  This package
attempts to remedy the situation by emulating the Smalltalk way of
creating classes taking full advantage of CLOS' reflection ability and
without losing any of CLOS' powerful facilities such as multiple
inheritance and multi-methods.

More specifically, when a hierarchy of classes is created in
Smalltalk, it automatically creates a corresponding meta-class
hierarchy.  Classes define instance variables (slots) and instance
methods, and the meta-classes define class variables and class
methods.  Given the low level machinery of standard CLOS,
accomplishing this same (industry standard) functionality is
cumbersome and confusing.  This package attempts to remedy this
situation as well as provide a bit of a tutorial for CLOS.

This package makes the creation of independent class and instance
variables and slots easy and clear.

This package does the following:

1.  When creating a class hierarchy, a corresponding meta class
hierarchy is created making the specification of class and instance
variables (slots) and class and instance methods easy and clear.

2.  Class creation creates global variables with the created class
name containing the class.

3.  Creation of some convenience macros to set/get instance and class
variables (slots).

4.  Creation of a tutorial to render CLOS easily accessible to
programmers from other OO languages.

This code has been tested on:
	CLISP 2.46 & 2.49.93+
	SBCL 1.0.16 & 1.4.5
	CMUCL 19e & 21c
	ECL 0.9k & 16.1.3
	GCL 2.6.12
	ABCL 1.6.0
	CCL 1.11.5
	MKCL 1.1.10

Files in this package include:

README		this file
clos-utils.lisp	the source code
tutorial.txt	the tutorial

-- EOF