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commit f7feea6c239832059fa9996478ac5711b1ce4888 2 parents 4fc2f55 + 88e929a
@mackuba mackuba authored
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  1. +18 −4 NSArray+BSJSONAdditions.m
22 NSArray+BSJSONAdditions.m
@@ -1,10 +1,24 @@
-// NSArray+BSJSONAdditions.m
// BSJSONAdditions
-// Created by Blake Seely (Air) on 3/24/09.
-// Copyright 2009 Apple Inc.. All rights reserved.
+// Created by Blake Seely on 2009/03/24.
+// Copyright 2006 Blake Seely - All rights reserved.
+// Permission to use this code:
+// Feel free to use this code in your software, either as-is or
+// in a modified form. Either way, please include a credit in
+// your software's "About" box or similar, mentioning at least
+// my name (Blake Seely).
+// Permission to redistribute this code:
+// You can redistribute this code, as long as you keep these
+// comments. You can also redistribute modified versions of the
+// code, as long as you add comments to say that you've made
+// modifications (keeping these original comments too).
+// If you do use or redistribute this code, an email would be
+// appreciated, just to let me know that people are finding my
+// code useful. You can reach me at
#import "NSArray+BSJSONAdditions.h"
#import "NSScanner+BSJSONAdditions.h"
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