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My code website, blog and personal pages

How it works

This repository is a Jekyll powered blog. The layout is plain HTML/CSS/Javascript with some dynamic content injected with liquid layout templating. When I want to write a post I follow these steps:

  1. Create a new markdown file in the _posts directory
  2. Write up the post with YAML header information (title, layout etc.) at the top of the file
  3. Save and push to Github
  4. Github automatically 'compiles' the markdown and other liquid layouts and generates static HTML.

It's the ultimate way to blog like a hacker! I get to use my favorite editor, keep an entire copy of my content in source control. (This also has the benefit of being able to work offline). And work in a way that focuses on the content.

Other content

I also have my résumé, Twitter, and some other odds and ends. Give it a look!