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Keebee Bill of Materials

NameQuantityPart NumberPriceLink
Cherry MX Switches69N/A9.00-10.00
DIP Switch x21CT3114CT-ND0.73
LED SMD 0805 Red1
LED SMD 0805 Blue1
DSA 1u Blank Blue (BDJ 10 pack)310.00
DSA 1u Blank Black (GSF 10 pack)110.00
DSA 1u Blank Light White (WFJ 10 pack)410.00
DSA 2u Blank Black (GSF 4 pack)16.00
10-pin header JTAG/SWD1609-3695-1-ND0.84
300ohm SMD 0805 Resistor2311-300ARCT-ND0.19
0.1uF SMD 0805 Cap3478-7962-1-ND0.30
4.7uF SMD 0805 Cap1
LD1117 3.3V linear regulator1497-1228-6-ND0.75
FCI Micro USB Connector1609-4613-1-ND0.46
Tactile Switch1SW400-ND0.29
M2 10/12mm female / female standoff screws6732-12845-ND (10mm), 732-12852-ND (12mm)0.62
M2 screw6H738-ND0.062
3M cylinder bumper feet4SJ5003-0-ND5.26
Cherry MX Plate Stabilizer kit15.00
12x12 inch acrylic sheet (1/4, 1/8” thickness?)29.99
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