Proof of concept socket based mud server written in Erlang.
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emud - a mud server and lib

emud is mud server written in Erlang. It is my first non-trivial Erlang application.


Right now emud is in it's infancy, meaning it doesn't do much other than send echos back and forth across a TCP socket. The goals of emud align pretty closely with the powerful features of Erlang. (After all, I want to get better at 'Thinking in Erlang').

  1. Fault tolerant - when muds crash, it's no fun for anyone.
  2. Distributed - I want there to be theoretically unlimited users, as emud should be able to scale horizontally by simply adding more server nodes.
  3. Concurrent - All mud objects will be concurrent processes that send messages to each other.
  4. Be strongly tested with Eunit - Testing is important to me, and I want it to be applicable for emud.

More to come!