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Flamethrower gives you the power to use your awesome irc client to talk in your campfire rooms
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Flamethrower: An irc to campfire gateway

  • Now with ASCII art conversion! (Oooo, shiney!)

Flamethrower gives you the power to use your awesome irc client to talk in your campfire rooms.


Getting Started

gem install flamethrower
flamethrower -d <campfire_domain> -t <campfire_api_token>

Then fire up your irc client and point it to localhost:6667. If your domain and API token are valid, you should see a list of channels appear in the MOTD message. /join anyone of these and start chatting.

You can also create a YAML file with domain and token specified like so:

domain: mydomain
token: aoeu1234

Then start flamethrower like so:

flamethrower -c ~/myconfig.yml

By default, flamethrower will use the config file located at ~/.flamethrower/config.yml.


Flamethrower is a constant work in progress. If you find it useful and would like to see it do something, please submit a patch (with tests please)!. Bug reports are also highly appreciated.


Flamethrower is written by Blake Smith <>

Contributions by:

Alexander Rakoczy

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