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Micropad Bill of Materials

NameQuantityPart NumberPriceLink
0603 2.5A fus1C311073$0.03
Cherry MX Switches3
LED 08052C601702$0.02
100 ohm 08052C17408$0.002
USB Micro B Connector1C397452$0.02
PEC11R-4015F-S0024 Rotary Encoder1C143789$1.78
0.1uF SMD 0805 Cap3C49678$0.0051
4.7uF SMD 0805 Cap1C92762$0.026
0.01uf SMD 0805 Cap2C83170$0.0045
10k 0805 Resistor5C115295$0.0015
5.1k 0805 Resistor2311-5.10KCRCT-ND$0.10
APA102 DotStar RGB LED12343$0.45
Encoder Knob11568-1600-ND$1.50
M3 8mm length standoff4732-12828-ND$0.40
M3 5mm male-female standoff4
USB-C Connector1WM12856CT-ND$2.19