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RubyCue: A library to parse cuesheet song files

RubyCue is a Ruby interface for parsing and accessing cuesheet data.


Basic usage

require 'rubycue'

cuesheet ="cuesheet.cue"))

cuesheet.songs.each do |song|
  puts "#{song[:performer]} - #{song[:title]} at #{song[:index]}"

Calculated Song Durations

RubyCue will also calculate song durations. In order to calculate the last song's duration, you must pass the optional track duration (in seconds) for the entire file.

cuesheet ="cuesheet.cue"), 7143)

Current Song Position

After a cuesheet is instantiated, you can pass a current track position, and the cuesheet will return which song is currently playing at that position:

 # with seconds
  => {:index=>#<RubyCue::Index:0x101025240 @seconds=7, @minutes=71, @frames=31>, :track=>32, :performer=>"Netsky", :title=>"Iron Heart", :duration=>#<RubyCue::Index:0x10100f2d8 @seconds=55, @minutes=2, @frames=38>} 

# with an array [minutes, seconds, frames]
cuesheet.position([43, 23, 45])
 => {:index=>#<RubyCue::Index:0x101027590 @seconds=27, @minutes=39, @frames=57>, :track=>19, :performer=>"Legion feat. Adam Wright", :title=>"Both Sides", :duration=>#<RubyCue::Index:0x101013130 @seconds=45, @minutes=4, @frames=13>}

Index objects

Index objects are a time representation of the position in a track. They are represented with fields [minutes, seconds, frames]. There are 75 frames in each second. You can access the values of the index object like so:

index =[30, 23, 73])
index.minutes => 30
index.seconds => 23
index.frames => 73
index.to_i => 1823
index.to_f => 1823.97333333333

There's other stuff you can do with them, check out the source for more in-depth usage.

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