Better migration fixes for path.existsSync #21

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shama commented Jul 7, 2012

Take a look at this pull: Both changes are incorrect.

I think a better migration would be something a la var existsSync = fs.existsSync || path.existsSync; so it doesn't break code on 0.6. Thanks!

shama commented Jul 7, 2012

Oh another note: it misses uses of require('path').existsSync too. :)
Reference: gruntjs/grunt-contrib#73 (btw, has been fixed earlier in the 0.2.0-wip branch of that repo)

+1 just got 5 pull requests, there will break compatibility with node 0.6 and node 0.4.

bithavoc commented Jul 7, 2012


@shama shama referenced this issue in gruntjs/grunt Jul 7, 2012

Hi! I fixed some code for you! #276


I'm kinda sad because the state of the bot is relatively ephemeral, it takes only hours to run on npm repos on github (this time around 8672 and only affected 8% of the population(700) of those 60% were positive changes and 40% were not) however, when i package this into an example, I will attempt to address the require('fs') and backwards compat both ways.

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