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+> This code originated from [Martin Thomas' AVR-Projects page][Martin_THOMAS].
+> It's licensed under a BSD-style license. My intent is to extend this code for
+> my own projects and possibly provide an Arduino port.
+[Timer-based AVR Software-UARTS][Martin_THOMAS]
+Some AVRs do not have a hardware-UART others have one or two. In case a UART
+is needed on "non-UART" AVRs or the available hardware-UARTS are not enough to
+fullfill the project-needs a software-UART can be used. The software-UART
+available here is based on the "gerneric software uart" by Colin Gittins which
+can be downloaded from the website in the application-notes section. I
+have ported/adapted this code to AVRs using avr-gcc/avr-libc and fixed some
+smaller mistakes. This code does not need an external interrupt-pin for the
+RX-line - any input-pin will do. But the RX pin gets sampled three times the
+baudrate so more process-time is needed compared to an "external-int" approach
+as presented in various Atmel Application-Notes.
+Get the latest version of this "softuart-library" including a demo-application
+[here][20101010] (timestamp 20101010).
+Version History:
+* 20070319: fixed handling of start- and stopbit in receiver-section,
+ code-cleanup, extended example-applciation
+* [20070430][20070430]: added more configuation options for easier adaption to
+ other AVRs, this time tested with an ATtiny85
+* [20101010][20101010]: different minor modifications, included settings for
+ ATmega164(P|PV|PA), ATmega324, ATmega644
+Copyright (c) 2003, Colin Gittins
+Copyright (c) 2005, 2007, 2010, Martin Thomas
+All rights reserved.

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