Helper scripts for setting up isolated "build roots" for Maven projects.
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This project contains a set of scripts and configuration files for setting up
siloed build environments ("build roots") for Maven projects.  Each build root
contains its own local repository.

The "" script wraps the "mvn" script and configures
common_settings.xml in place of $M2_HOME/conf/settings.xml, and optionally
allows for per-build-root Java and Maven versions (via the JAVA_HOME and
M2_HOME environment variables).  JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME are *not* taken from
the standard shell environment, but are instead loaded with default values
from, and overridden with values from in each build

To set up for a particular build root, set the BUILD_ROOT
environment variable to point to the build root directory (usually a child of
this directory), and ensure that this directory is in the path.  For example:
    # export PATH=/path/to/this/directory:$PATH
    # export BUILD_ROOT=/path/to/build/root
    # cd /path/to/maven_project
    # -PALL clean install

Suggested directory layout:
    build_roots              -- this directory
    |-- common_settings.xml  -- Maven settings.xml shared by all build roots
    |--          -- default values for JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME
    |--      -- Maven wrapper script
    `-- tpi_core             -- a build root
        |-- checkout         -- where source code gets checked out to
        |   `-- trunk
        |--        -- per-build-root config (JAVA_HOME, M2_HOME)
        `-- repository       -- per-build-root local repository